There are so many amazing partnerships in this world – Ant and Dec, Salt and Pepper and let’s not forget Fish and Chips – when it comes to business, a top performing duo are Accounting and Marketing – who knew!

Accounting is about taking care of and managing the numbers – you do it daily, weekly etc because it’s the fabric of the business.  Marketing is just the same, it’s about taking care of the selling and success process.  It involves weaving together so many elements and needs monitoring daily, weekly etc.

This has become a whole lot easier with the help of an exciting online framework called My Marketing Button which offers owner managers a way to plan marketing tasks online with clear purpose.

When we say purpose we are meaning actual commercial outcomes, an example is referrals and testimonials.  Imagine that someone in your team is coordinating your marketing efforts.  Its highly likely that they are striving for an outcome that means they would receive a referral or testimonial from an existing client.  If that’s the case then let’s plan exactly for it and organise tasks that mean that would be the result.

So often we are consumed in plans that are merely “to do” lists and we think it’s great that we have plenty to do on the list.  However, it’s more efficient and motivational if we have clear tasks aligned to a clear reason WHY from the start.

Then if we can actually see the impact of that progress on the business in a visual – wow, that’s empowering!

This is precisely what My Marketing Button is all about and here at AbacusBean we are delighted to share details of how you can access this online solution and start planning for your business success.

My Marketing Button provides an agile and affordable way to develop and maintain a marketing plan.  With so many micro businesses, start-ups and small companies juggling time and resource it can be challenging to start with a blank sheet of paper and create an engaging commercial marketing plan.  This technology gives a head start and constant guide, prompt and track to follow so that time is saved and results are in sight.

So, just like accounting, there are essential processes that roll around regularly and it is vital that the right checks are in place to keep the numbers in a good position; you need the same for your marketing process so that your activity is aligned with deliverables and you are on course to achieve your business vision.

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